64 Years of Jago

Our History


In March 1960 Geoffrey Jago founded his own business initially building Street Rods in Portchester – a small town between Portsmouth and Southampton.


In 1969, the landlord sold the site for redevelopment and Geoff moved site.

In the same year Geoff met with Richard Park and the two decided to open a joint venture in Quarry Lane, Chichester, under the collective title of the “Rodding Scene”. Richard ran Custom City and dealt with customised motorcycles and custom painting and Geoff continued his business of building street rods, kits and associated components.

Amongst other notable achievements, Geoff Jago was the first person to introduce the American metal flake paint system into this country and this was used to good effect on his first Model T Hot Rod, which was yet another venture of Geoff’s.


Always eager to introduce new lines and expand the business, Geoff put in hundreds of hours of work to introduce one of the first kit cars into the country and in 1971 he launched the Jago Sandero at which time the company changed name to Jago Automotives.


In 1993 Jago’s evolved into the next stage of its existence when it became Jago Developments Ltd headed up by Colin Farren who had worked within the business since the early 1960’s.

By utilising the many years of experience and the skills of the company, Colin grew Jago Developments through the bespoke design and manufacture of handmade fibre glass products of all kinds and market sectors.

As this part of the business became more established with a growing reputation for excellence and personal manufacturing service. Colin focused on building one off bespoke GRP products as well as several commissioned production runs for numerous customers including the MOD.


In 2003, Jago Developments entered the world of undetectable and stealth products for the mobile phone industry, designing and manufacturing GRP units to faithfully replicate the surrounding location’s architecture and scenery to house and conceal antennas, masts, aerials and dishes.

They achieve this by effectively combining the skills of our artist, sculptures, metal fabricators and GRP laminators.


Jago Developments started working with NET CS in 2006 to produce replica bell chamber louvres and other products to support NET CS’s work and partnership with the Church of England.

Over the following years, a strong working and personal relationship was established with a longstanding mutual bond of trust and respect.


Because of the mutual respect and relationship established over the previous 17 years, in 2023 Colin reached out to NET CS with a proposition to acquire Jago Developments to take the business the forward onto its next chapter.

In August of that year NET CS formally acquired Jago Developments and established NET GRP.